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2005年10月4日(火) 21時34分 by level
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数日前から Spread Firefox がダウンしていて、またクラッキングされたのかなと思っていたら、MozInfo701 の記事によるとやはりそのようです。今回は TWiki の脆弱性を突かれたものの、重要なデータが盗まれた形跡はないとのことです。しかし、念のため再開後はパスワードを変更したほうが良いでしょう。再開は10月15日を予定しています。Spread Firefox は今年の7月にもクラックされています。




Subject: Spread Firefox Security Notice
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 21:48:13 -0700
From: admin@spreadfirefox.com

The Spread Firefox Team became aware this week that the server hosting
Spread Firefox, our community marketing site, has been accessed by
unknown remote attackers who attempted to exploit a security
vulnerability in TWiki software installed on the server.  The TWiki
software was disabled as soon as we were aware of the attempts to access
SpreadFirefox.com.  This exploit was limited to SpreadFirefox.com and
did not affect mozilla.org web sites or Mozilla software.

We have scanned Spread Firefox servers and at this time do not believe
any sensitive data was taken, but as a precautionary measure we have
shutdown the site and will be rebuilding the web site from scratch.  We
also recommend that you change your Spread Firefox password and the
password of any accounts where you use the same password as your Spread
Firefox account.  We will notify you again when the site is back up with
instructions on how to change your password. (Note: We do use MD5
hashing on the passwords, but MD5 cannot protect all passwords against
off-line dictionary style attacks.)

After Spread Firefox was compromised in July, we instituted procedures
to ensure that we apply all security fixes to the software running the
site (Drupal and PHP) as soon as they become available.  Unfortunately,
those procedures overlooked the installation of the TWiki software since
it is not used by the main Spread Firefox site.  When the system is
rebuilt, all the software will be audited to ensure that security
updates will be applied in a timely manner.  We deeply regret this
incident and any inconvenience this may have caused you. Sincerely,

Spread Firefox Team
Mozilla Foundation





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