2005年4月21日(木) 23時23分 by level
B ?
Tags: ジョーク - より、typo でたまたま というサイトを発見したので、ドメイン名に firefox を含むもののリストから面白いサイトを探してみたそうです。

Here's a list of the most funny and interesting ones:
- - Anti FireFox?! - Keep Internet Explorer! They spelled Firefox the wrong way!
- - Tries to launch a popup. Ha, ha!
- - Adult contributers? Adult content at least!
- - You will only be able to view the FREE PORN on this website if you have the Firefox browser.
- - Even Bush is smart enough to realize how much you suck.
- - I thought it already was free?
- - Nothing to see. Move on!
- - Weirdest domain of today!

Amazingly there's not a yet!





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